KUG Honors Ensemble

These young players coming all from different countries and backgrounds want to present some of their original works.
Influences are wide -Markus says-, through a combination of elements originating from European classical music of the baroque and romantic era, straight ahead and contemporary jazz, symphonic metal and orchestral film scores, I attempt to tell stories in a musical way. Although my pieces contain a rather large amount of written out material, improvised passages provide space for soloists to contribute to the storyline.
In their music you as well can hear the tradition of African American music, always rooted in the form and melodies of their compositions.

Cristina Miguel Martinez (Tenorsaxofon)
Anna Keller (Altsaxofon)
Kaya Meller (Trompete)
Amelia Jutilane-Maynard (Vibrafon) 
Markus Neuwirth (Klavier)
Kajetan Kamenjasevic (Bass)
Lukas Kleemair (Schlagzeug)