Project Ramé – Leitung: Cristina Miguel Martinez


Alistair Payne – trumpet
Cristina Miguel – t.saxophone
Alvaro Vallejo – violin
Daria Ujejska – viola
Mathilde Vendramin – cello
Tin Džaferović – double bass

Ramé, from Balinese, is something that is chaotic and beautiful at the same time.
A few words about Beauty:
Beauty does not need to be beautiful or pretty. One can think of many films, theater pieces, and paintings that unreservedly depict horror or ugliness, political repression, or torture -yet they are beautiful.
There are beauties that portray and ignite emotions. There are the beauties that portray and ignite ideas. But deeper than these are the beauties that evoke the ground of being, against which emotions and ideas play as ephemera.
Mystics see beauty as the One shining through the ten thousand things that are before our eyes. This direct expression of life itself cannot be analyzed or defined, but when we experience it, it is beyond any doubt.

Foto: Johannes Gellner